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Success Without Stress

One Month - 3 Mastermind sessions - Online support & Community

The ultimate foundation to create more balance and empowerment so you can crush it at work and show up for the people in your life WHILE feeling great!

This is for you, a professional woman that wants to feel

  • More fulfilled and energized

  • They want to enjoy more what they are doing, they want to enjoy their work and their life more.

  • They want to feel more free, to do what they want and need unapologetically.

  • They want to expand to their fullest potential as a person and professionally

Now imagine your life when 

  • You go to work and crush it WHILE feeling great

  • You share time with friends and family and you are feeling PRESENT, you are rigth there, and not in your head. 

  • You feel in charge of your thoughts 

  • You prioritize your needs and the things that light you up, without the guilt 

  • You feel free to do what you want because you WANT it and not because you believe you should... 

  • You feel like you are in charge of creating your life and that the peace you want is always available to you. 


How does that feel? 

Pretty amazing, rigth!? 

If this feels out of reach...

... Maybe you are feeling: 

  • Overworked 

  • Stuck in your head by the thoughts rushing through your mind

  • Tired, and still you can’t really find the relaxation you are longing for

  • Like there is no time to waste so you push through... 

  • And that you are too busy and got too much to deal with to take care of yourself… 

If this sounds like you, keep reading

Because I want you to know that more balance and empowerment and a sense of success are much closer than you might think...

But this is NOT something you can struggle your way to!

And I want to empower you with a solid foundation so that YOU can create more balance and empowerment, to pursue what you dream about unfolding in your life... WHILE feeling great!

That's what this program is all about!

The Success Without Stress Mastermind


#1 Milestone:

The Ultimate foundation to become the expert in releasing your stress and creating more balance and empowerment in your life and work.


Outcome: Practical strategies to release day-to-day stress & integrate healthy supporting routines to increase well-being and performance.

#2 Milestone:

Uncover your biggest triggers, and how to overcome them to turn this into a feeling of control and empowerment.

Outcome: identify your triggers, learn how to manage them, and differentiate between what you can and cannot control. This is key!

#3 Milestone:  

Learn to manage your thoughts and your attention. As you cultivate and nurture a more supportive and empowering mindset, you will free yourself from limiting and negative thought spirals. 

Outcome: Practical tools to take control of your mind, so you put what you’ve learned into practice. Knowing is not enough, it has to be followed by actions to make a change happen.


Let's do this! 



This program is designed to provide you with a practical foundation to create more balance and empowerment in your life, so that you can create YOUR kind of success.

How does it work?



  • We will meet 3 x online group sessions of 1,5-2 hours on Zoom

  • Access to a closed online platform where you can ask questions and share your experiences with like-minded women. 



  • Worksheets for each session to support your process.

  • The online group sessions will be recorded and are available during the program. 

  • Support via a closed online platform, I’ll answer questions Tuesday to Friday.

  • You can upgrade to premium access where you get individual coaching sessions on top of the group sessions.




Only limited spots in this program, apply today!

Apply for your spot!

Fill out the form, and I will reach out to you within 24 hours. 

This is not for everybody...

I want to ensure the quality of the program. 

And to live up to that promise, it is important that this is a good match for the women entering the program.

Furthermore, I'm going to keep a limit to the number of women in the group to ensure time for each and every one of you. 

Fill out the form, and I will reach out to you within 24 hours.


I can't wait to hear more about you.






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